words from the soul.

Ashley, gemini c: no cusp. fl.
no worries

i enjoy, most people, GOOD VIBES, spreading love and happiness, spirituality, reading, festivals (i've only been to one music one but they are so wonderful, i wish to go to many more, tattoos, piercings, animals, nature and art *the connection between nature the universe and living beings, hiking, making adventures with old and new friends <3, meeting wonderful people c:, trying new things, learning and expanding my mind <3
You are so beautiful and wonderful, Be free and be yourself, free your mind and your soul <3 namaste.


you’re not what you look like. you’re the music you listen to, the shows you watch, the art you make, the flowers in your hair, your favourite blanket. you’re not the pimple on your nose or the pudge on your stomach. You’re not your thighs or your teeth. you’re the colour of your hair, you’re your favourite band, you’re the mismatch socks you wear and your favourite sweater. You’re what you love, you’re not what you look like or the body you are in.

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u think ur a flower, but really ur the whole meadow 

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