words from the soul.

Ashley, gemini c: no cusp. fl.
no worries

i enjoy, most people, GOOD VIBES, spreading love and happiness, spirituality, reading, festivals (i've only been to one music one but they are so wonderful, i wish to go to many more, tattoos, piercings, animals, nature and art *the connection between nature the universe and living beings, hiking, making adventures with old and new friends <3, meeting wonderful people c:, trying new things, learning and expanding my mind <3
You are so beautiful and wonderful, Be free and be yourself, free your mind and your soul <3 namaste.

When did we get this beautifully close ?
Im so inlove with you.

Ill be fine either way c:
Ill love her if im pregnant,
Ill be waiting for her if im not.
Ill be relieved if im not,
Also upset,
Ill be happy if i am,
But also worried.
No matter ill find a way to be happy and okay…
I think ill definatley want my own place. So most likely ill be moving into the districts, or apartments soon.
My life will continue to be beautiful either way.

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